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March 25, 2008

Ever wonder if you could buy a lover? What will you do if I told you i have the url to this shop that sells lover figures? Well, that’s not true but I’ve read this awesome manga created by Yuu Watase, creator of the famous anime series Fushigi Yugi.

Absolute Boyfriend

Zettai Kareshi or Absolute Boyfriend is a story of a girl named Riiko Izawa. She had been rejected too many times by good-looking guys. On her way home, she picked up a cellphone, finding it was owned by a weird cosplaying salesman. He gave Riiko a url where she can order a lover. Unwittingly, she goes online and signs up for a free three-day trial of a mysterious(but definitely hot) Nightly Lover ‘Figure’. the very next day, a cute(hot!) naked guy is delivered to her door and it says that he was to be her boyfriend.

You know guys, I’ve finished reading this manga and what i have to say is, YOU’VE GOT TO READ THIS!!! It made me cry espacially in its last part. *wipes my tears away* So go get a copy in the nearest manga outlets now..>_<v


Cutie Inside

March 5, 2008

Cute Factor

A pic of mine with my crush(his mine?)naah!!he’s just a friend…


When a scientist comes along(Ch2)

February 24, 2008

A/N Note: Sooooooo…after the long wait, the next chapy is here…sorry for the delay coz my computer broke down and I really dont have much time in my hands compared to last sem..anyway,here’s the second chapy..hope you enjoy!

Disclaimer: this will be the last disclaimer I’ll be writing coz I really dont like to repeat myself over and over again…I DONT OWN OURAN coz if I do, Tamaki would be an UKE to everybody and Kyouya will be with me every second of my life..well,guess i cant do that..*sigh*

Chapter 2

“Eh??!!” the host club members choked out except for Kyouya and Mori. The twins released Haruka as she stepped forward to meet Haruhi, who’s running towards her, with wide-open arms.

“Ahmpff!” Haruka groaned as she felt that she was loosing her balance,”You’re a bit heavy now, aren’t we Haruhi? And why on Earth are you here?”

“I was about to ask you too Haruka-chan! All I can remember is that you flew to America to reasearch. Aww! I really miss you Haru-chan!” Haruhi hugged the girl in front of her.

“Haru-chan?” Hani asked staring asked staring at the two.

“Yes?” they both answered and chuckled.

*Haruhi’s POV*

“Which ‘Haru-chan’ are you referring to, Hani-senpai?” I asked.

“Yeah!!Haruhi and I usually call each other like that,” I heard Haruka giggle as she released me.

Hunny shook his head, “i should make a nickname for Haruka-kun,” he jumped at his suprise when Tamaki and the twins shouted.

“NO FAIR!!!HARUKA, THATS SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!!”they shouted on top of their lungs.

Haruka and I both looked at each other and gently poke our own right cheek with our own right fore finger, “sexual harasmment?” we both have my famous ‘clueless look’.

“Aww!!They look identical!”the twins hugged each of us. Hikaru hugged me and Kaoru hugged Haruka.

“Okaa-san!DOUBLE SEXUAL HARASSMENT!!” Tamaki screamed while pointing at the group.

Kyouya pushed his glasses further,”Hikaru and Kaoru, stop that. We have some business to finish(at this the twins saluted to Kyouya,”Yes Sir!”). Grab Haruka and cut her hair like HAruhi’s but dont dye her hair. Haruka, get those colored contacts of your eyes or I will be the one taking them off”.

“She??”Tamki has his puzzled look again.

“Yeah,” I answered as I wrapped my arms to Haruka, “Haruka is a girl but unlike me, she wears dresses when its really important or she wants to cosplay something”


Everyone was shocked except for Haruhi, Haruka, Kyouya and Mori. Recovering from the shock, the twins dragged Haruka silently in one corner and started to cut her hair. They have that sad look on their faces that can melt one maiden’s heart.

“why, you guys sad?” Haruka put on her baby-pout and blinked twice.

“We like your hair that long,”they said in unison,”you look hotter with it,”they sighed.

“Well, my hair easily gets that long after 3 months or so,”Haruka fiddled her still long locks.

“Really?!”the twins stared at her wide-eyed.

“U-huh,” she groaned,”I have researched and had created a formula to grow hair faster than they should. Im a researcher”.

“Hmm…I remember that reason of yours Haru-chan,” Haruhi chuckled,”but as I have remembered, you stopped school right? How come you’re here?”

“I had graduated Mid-School yesterday”.

“WHAT??!!” the trio freaked out.

‘I think I’ll explain her situation to you guys later after that hair cut fit for her. Haruka,” Kyouya paused,”face me,” Kyouya turned the chair of Haruka facing him. He cupped and lifted Haruka’s face towards him,”I told you to take that contacts off. Now, I’ll force you to take them off,” Kyouya took Haruka’s left eye contact and then the right.

“You’re so rought on me Master Kyouya!” Haruka rubbed her eyes. Blue orbs appeared as she opened her eyes. The people around her is now more mesmerized to her beauty. She really looks cute.

*Kyouya’s POV*

‘OMG! I didnt really thought that was the real color of her eyes. She’s so damn cute’

*Kaoru’s POV*

‘I never thought that such beauty exist on this world’

*Mori’s POV*

‘So, Im right? But, why blue eyes? I thought it was red or black[1]’

*Hani’s POV*

‘Wow! She’s cute!’ as I turned, I saw Takashi. His eyes flashed with adoration, ‘I wonder what he is thinking’

*Haruka’s POV*

‘Now what?!’ as I looked around me, their jaws dropped except for Haruhi’s.

“Ne, Haru-chan, let’s eat something!” I grabbed Haruhi’s wrist and walked out of the room.

‘RICH BASTARDS! I know, I look weird, so STOP LOOKING AT ME!’ my mid screamed, “Ne, Haru-chan, lets go eat some ice cream,” I stopped when I felt two pair of limbs embraced me. I forgot that I was holding Haruhi thats why she escaped from the hug.

“You’re damn cute Haruka-chan,” Kaoru whispered as he hugged me more tighter. I glared at them,”snap out of it! Im not in mood to play some stupid games Kaoru,” they freed me and stood in front of me.

“We will let you pass…” Hikaru said.

“…If you play a game with us,” Kaoru finished.

“LETS PLAY ‘WHICH ONE IS HIKARU’ GAME!!” they said in scary unison.

“The one on the right,” I pointed,”is Hikaru, while on the left is Kaoru,” I passed between them.

“boo boo!!YOU’RE WRONG!” they bend for more emphasis.

“No, Im right…Right, Haru-chan?”I turned and smiled,”Im a reseacher. A scientist. It’s easy for me to observe,” I said in very cold voice,”come on now, Haru-chan. Im starving”.

“Ne, Ha-chan, can I and Takashi come with you?” Hani blinked awat those imaginary tears that formed in his eyes.[2]

“Of course, Hani-senpai, Mori-senpai,” I smiled innocently,”but please, just call me Ruka-kun. I dont like the sound ‘Ha-chan’ do,” I wiped those tears of Hani with my forefinger and carried Hani in my back,”lets go,” we walked out of the room and clicked it close.

—>>>In our way to the cafeteria<<<—

“Ne,Ne, Haru-chan, Ruka-chan, lets go to one pastry shop I know,” Hani giggled excitedly,”they serve ice creams too!”

Haruhi and I looked at each other and we said in perfect unison,”We cant afford buying high quality cakes sanpai”.

“Ill treat you Haru-chan!”Hani winked at Haruhi whose beside me.

“Ill be the one paying your bill Haruka,”Mori groaned those words, as if he didnt want others to hear it except me. I stopped walking, letting Hani walk on his own.

I jumped to Mori and gave him a peck on his left cheek,”arigato gozaimasu Mori-senpai!” I saw him blushas he let me lose my grip and happily joined Hani and Haruhi. A smile reamined on Mori’s lips as he followed us.


Author’s Note: Okei!!end of chapter 2!!This chapter is dedictated to Ilona,the fonder of Prince Yuki fans club(just search the animefanlisting.org)first comment(wordpress)
Ill try updating more but cant promise it coz i hava to live my LIFE..but ill be happy to just stay put and type all day in front of my pc..anyways,R&R..ja

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Day of Hearts without You

February 24, 2008

I’ve been loving you since i first lay my eyes on you…

i’ve noticed every details of you from a far…

yet,you dont know that i exist…

i tried to hide my feeling ‘coz i know that you wont even be able to return it to me…

since then,i tried my best to keep away from you…

yet,when you stepped again in my way for the second time,i thought,you are the one God had sent for my to be happy…

i felt comfortable looking at you even you dont notice me…

even you dont see me,im always at your side…

i tried to reach you as far as i could…

then fate intervine…

i was introduced to you,but then,as i’ve said a while ago,i’ve known you in my own little way…

every time you took noticed of me,my heart squirms…

every time you smiled at me,all my worries and heartaches vanish in thin air…

every time i hear you voice,my heart shouts for joy…

and every time we talk,my head felt like spinning and i always have this feeling of being energetic and light…

being with you is like a heaven for me…

being with someone that you love,even you dont feel it,makes a gloomy day as bright as the sun…

i asked myself,why am i so affected by your presence??

then my heart answered me,’its love,dont you understand?’

from then on,i always tell you jokes that im courting you by anyways…

the truth is,i really wanted to do that,really…

i really wanted to send you flowers,chocolates and love letters i’ve composed just for you…

you might think im crazy,yet im just expressing how i felt for you…

i’ve love you more than myself,why dont you see that fact???!!

i’ve changed a lot because of you,yet…you still loved someone i know…

i tried not to contact you yet,i feel miserable…

if you just know how i feel right now………….

i miss you yet i cant tell you that…….

and i still love you but i kow you hated me for leaving you to mend my broken heart…………

i hope that you’ll be happy this Valentine’s day………

i’ll be still here…waiting for you to need me……….loving you from a far…….

Happy Valentines’ my soulmate…you’ll be always in my heart even you dont need me…..


Author’s Note: its a post-valentine post..its pretty late to post it but i just feel like posting it here…anyway,ill be updating the fanfiction tomorrow so for my only one reviewer,that will be dedicated just for you..Love lots!!mwah mwah sugoi!!!


Hare Hare Yukai Dance craze

January 27, 2008

who wouldn’t dance to the beat of the most famous anime dance craze ‘Hare Hare Yukai’? Its from the anime series ‘the Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’. I personally danced this song with few of my friends and all I can say is,”WOW!!I feel more of an Otaku now”. Yep..! I am really an Otaku and I dont deny the fact that I even tried to cosplay or CosTrip(like jpop fashion inspired clothing and stuff) a few times until now. I love the feeling being free to express what I really am..

Usually, when I walk around out campus wearing a lolli-con inspired outfit, people stop and look at me. I feel proud but the same time, a bit scared coz sometimes they look like they are going to eat me..haha..

Anyway, ill be posing some stuff of mine like fanfictions, anime updates and few stuffs you guys want from me..(ahaha…dont deny it coz I can feel it all the way here)…just send me a mail if you guys want to specify what you want..m’kay?


ja, matta ne minna-san!! =’3


When a scientist comes along(Ch1)

January 27, 2008

Author’s Note: Sorry if my title’s a bit crappy(hey!Its my first fanfic you know?!) Anyways, to the Disclaimer…

I dont own anything… except for numerous of unfinished fanfics… oh yeah! and my OCs…Enjoy!!


Chapter 1

It was raining outside and yet, Haruhi felt she has lots of energy to burn out. And theTwins actually noticed it.

“Ne, Haruhi! Why are you so energetic?” they both chimed in when the trio are about to take their lunch.


“Hmm…What?” Hikaru eyed Haruhi.

“Let’s see…” Haruhi gently tapped her chin with her forefinger,”Its like I’m about to see or meet somebody that is close to me from the past.”

Kaoru bulged out his eyes,”is-i-is it Arai?!”

Haruhi slightly chuckled,”That’s impossible, you know?Anyways , lets just eat to restore our energy,” the twins just stared at the girl eating happily with her bento box.

—>>Outside the gates of Ouran<<—

At the same time, a figure stood outside th gates of Ouran Highschool.

‘WOW!Is this really Ouran High School?!’ the figure started to walk inside,I might get lost here if I won’t be careful’

“MY MAP!!!”The figure carefully searched the item inside his/her bag while walking. As the figure pulled the map, he/she bumped to somebody tall, about 180 cm, dark-haired boy with eye glasses.

“A commoner?” he glared in annoyance.

“Ah…Err…@ the figure stammered,”Gomenasai!!I was just looking for my map and a picture of a certain Kyouya that Ootori-sama gave me,” and quickly bowed and started to leave.

“Hmmm….You don’t have to look for my picture,” Kyouya smiled,” I guess you are our scholar student,” he pushed his eye glasses up.

“Hai!” the figure turned around and slightly smiled,”Im Haruka. Misato Haruka, nice to meet you.”

Kyouya suddenly felt chills ran up to his spine but smiled back to the girl with his ‘rare Kyouya smile’,”Im Kyouya Ootori, and my father tod me to give some uniform and things for you to use while you are in this school. Shall we?”

“Of course, Kyouya-senpai,” Haruka smiled and started to walk with Kyouya.

The tall guy cleared his throat to catch his companion’s attention,”We’ll first get you uniforms so that I may be able to introduce you later in the auditorium.”

“A-Au-AUDITORIUM!?!”Haruka screamed,”B-but whay? Shouldn’t it be like the teacher will introduce me with my fellow classmates?”

Kyouya opened his clipboard and turned some pages,”Hmm…Haruka Misato, 15 years old, commoner, loves to sing, act, dance, likes the color blue, usually reads books and watch anime,” he paused,” I dont really understand why you are one of our scholars. Well except for that age of yours, the other datas are useless.”

Haruka just blinked twice and smiled.

“What is that smile for?” Kyouya raised one of his elegant eye brows.

“Why dont you ask your father about it?” Haruka stopped in front of huge double French doors, “I’ll just fit some uniforms and be back.”

Kyouya sighed,”Maybe,” he flipped his cellphone open and dialed some numbers,” that girl is just like me,” he still remembered that chills that run down his spine when he saw Haruka smiling,’That’s strange’

“Ahh..Irene, Please connect me to line 1. I want to speak with my father”


“What do you want, Kyouya?” a deep voice came out of the ear piece of the phone.

“Why is Haruka-kun a scholar of our company?”

“Haruka’s a genius. For 4 years, he served our company as one of the most dependable scientist. Oh by the way, He’s a girl, but address her as a guy. That’s one of her conditions before she came and joined our company.”

Astonished, Kyuya cleared his throat, “At her age? She’s just fifteen. If Im corrected, that meanns, she joined our company when she was eleven years old?”

“Well, the act is that, she has 145 IQ.”

Kyouya, confused and amused, glanced at the French doors where Haruka was in,”but why is she here if she has that level of intelligence?”

“Ah son, I have to go now. Bye”


‘Great!’ he mentally kicked himself,’All I have to do now is to ask her.’

As if on cue, Haruka walked out of the roomin boy’s uniform but she’s still wearing her bull cap that hides both her face and hair.

Kyouya sighed again,”You shouldn’t be wearing bull cap whenever you are wearing the school uniform,” suddenly, he pulled the girl’s cap. A long, flowing black hair appeared which was played by the wind for some graceful effect. Kyouya can’t take his eyes off the girl in front of him. Rose petals flew around them.

“WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” Haruka yelled at the man, whose mesmerized of the beauty in front of him.


I blinked my eyes twice. I can’t believe it. She looks exactly like….Haruhi.’Well, except for that black hair of hers and a mole between her right eye and nose’

“OH great!” she rolled her eyes,” all my plans are now ruined by this hair of mine!! Kyouya-senpai, Please dont tell anyone that Im a girl, onegai?” she has her puppy eyes on those beautiful face of hers. Im quite distracted by theat cuteness of her. ‘She has more sex appeal than Haruhi’s.’ At that thought, I shook my head. When I returned my focus on those beautiful orbs, I saw that she was in verge of tears.

“Shh…I won’t tell them. Geez,”I cupped her chin,”Im going to help you Haruka-chan, dont worry,” and I smiled.


Kyouya picked his phone from his pocket while wlaking with Haruka,”Moshi Moshi, Tamaki, gather all of our members, especially thr twins. I’ll introduce you to somebody. Bye,” he clicked a button and flipped it shut.

Haruka’s eyes widened,”you are going to introduce me to them without having my hair cutted?!! Are you crazy?!” she tried to escape from the man’s grip.

Kyouya quickned his pace,”The twins will cut your hair.”

Haruka sighed,”That leaves me no choice but to follow you Master Kyuoya.”

“Oh drp that Haruka-kun. Just call me Kyouya,” he smiled as he turned his head to his right,” We’re here,” he stopped and opened the door. Rose petals flew and they heard,”Irraishaimasen!”


‘Oh God! What did I do to deserve this?!’ I thought when I saw 5 men behind those dors. Kyouya pulled me as he walked near them.

“KyouyaWho’s this youngg man you’re holding?” a tall blonde looked straight to my eyes. He blinked twice and stepped backwards, as if he was scared of me.

“Ne, Ne, what’s your name?” a small blonde asked me while pulling my sleeve.

“Im Haruka. Haruka Misato,” and I smiled. Yet my smile faded when a shadow was casted upon us and took the short blonde.

“Well, Im Mitsukuni. Haninozuka Mitsukuni. Just call me Hunny,” Hunny giggled and raised a pink stuffed bunny, ” and this is Usa-chan”

“Im Takashi. Just call me Mori,” a deep voice came from the one holding Hunny.

“Ahhh!!!A new record Milord!” a pair of red headed boys chimed in,”Mori-senpai spoke 6 words!”

The tall blonde, recovered from his shock, walked fast and cupped MY CHIN!!”Im Souh Tamaki. Just call me Tamaki, my fair maiden,” and handed me a white rose.

‘WHAT THE HELL!!!’ Thi man, named Tamaki, was jsut inches away from my body, calls me fair maiden?!He’ll definitely pay for this!!

“Fair maiden?” I cooly raised my left eyebrow,

“Opps!!Sorry!!!I really thought that I was talking to Haruhi. You really ….” Tamaki cut off his speech when the twins hugged me tightly, out of his gasp.

“You’re very handsome guy Haruka-kun…” the twin on my right said.

“…And hot with your hair that long and silky,” on my left said.

I sighed,” You haven’t introduced to me yet.”

“Im Hikaru…” the boy on my right whispered.

“…And Im Kaoru,” the another whispered on my left ear.


I chuckled as the twins hugged me more,” Master Kyouya, when will you get my hair cutted>>” and I saw shocked faces of the people around me.

“M-M-MAS—–” they were cutted off when a boy entered the room,”Gomen!I was a bit late. The principal told me —” the boy dropped his jaw when he saw me.




White and red rose petals started to whirl around Haruka and Haruhi. Shock, joy and excitement were written all over their faces.

“EHHH???!!!”The host club members choked out except for Kyouya and Mori.

Author’s note: Hope you like it!!the next chapter will be posted next week ‘coz I cant type it during weekdays…Busy busy busy!!^_^
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